Texas 2013

We proved the utility of general aviation with this flight. Using our own plane allowed us to visit NASA in Houston, the beaches of Galveston and roller coasters in Dallas Ft. Worth.    Taking a general aviation airplane allowed us flexibility in our plans and it cost less to boot!

The trip included over 13 hours of flying time, with well over 5 hours in actual instrument conditions and 5 hours of night flight. We logged one instrument approach and flew arrival and departure procedures in and out of the complex airspace of Houston and Dallas- Forth Worth.

The Tulsa, OK area had building storms. During the flight we had conversations with Flight Watch (122.0) and our controllers about the weather. XM or ADS-B weather would have been great to have, and may be an investment before our next adventure. The Tulsa approach controller provided a great deal of help to understand what the weather was doing around us.

What a feeling to land back at Airlake (KLVN) knowing we had flown IFR in complex airspace, made sound weather decisions and created memories that will last a lifetime.