Girls Day FAQ’s

Is this event only for girls?

No. The focus and goal of Girls Aviation Day is to provide opportunities for females that may not otherwise be known about, but all are welcomed to come out to the airport! Some supplies from donors may be limited to female participants.

Do I have to have a signed permission slip for an airplane ride?

Yes. The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) requires a permission slip from a parent or guardian in order to give an airplane ride to a minor. There will be many events to partake in on the ground that do not require a form.

Where do  I find the permission slip?

At the airport hangar where the rides are given. There will be signs pointing towards EAA Hangar. The remainder of the activities will be found in the main building at the end of Hamburg (FBO – Fixed base operator).

What is the age range for the airplane rides?

Ages 8-17 are eligible for EAA rides with signed permission slip. Please contact Kjersti, Director and Founder of Girls Aviation Day, if you do not fall into these parameters.

Do I have to arrive at 9am?

No. But rides are on a first come, first serve basis. In the past there have been plenty of seats available. Please RSVP so enough rides can be provided.

Do I have to go on an airplane ride?

No. Materials and representatives from various aviation organizations will be at the airport. Planes will be available on the ground to sit and take pictures. Tours of hangars and helicopter facilities, as well as mini ground lessons will be provided free of charge.

Is there food available at this event?

Yes. There are two vending machines in the main aircraft building with snacks. The event itself will NOT be providing any food or drink, however.

What happens if its raining?

Ground events will occur rain or shine so come out to the airport! Rides will depend upon the weather and may be rescheduled.

Who are the Girls Day Sponsors?

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