About Penguin Flight

Steve Guetter


Steve has loved aviation and space since he was a child. His first small airplane ride was a short flight out of the Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) in Eden Prairie MN at the age of ten. This flight allowed Steve to take the controls of an airplane for the first time. Thirteen years would pass before his next opportunity arose when he took his first flying lesson in a Cessna 152, he soloed the same airplane a few months later.

Steve has fueled his passion for aviation by continually expanding his skillset and experiences. Today he holds a Commercial Pilot certificate with Airplane Single and Multi Engine Land, Single Engine Sea and an instrument rating. Steve holds an instructor certificate for Single & Multi engine aircraft and airplane instrument ratings. Steve enjoys maintaining IFR currently and using small aircraft for family travel. Steve is currently flying out of the Airlake Airport (KLVN) in Lakeville, MN. “Landing on water is the most fun and relaxed flying I have done.”

Steve is certified as a Beechcraft Pilot Proficency Program (BPPP) instructor through the AmericanBonanza Society.

Steve is an instructor who focuses on safety, basic airmanship and real world flying experiences. Steve works to maintain a light atmosphere in the cockpit as his students work to learn new skills. Steve has a passion for flying and loves to work with people to realize their personal aviation goals.

In addition to his flight certificates Steve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical engineering from North Dakota State University and a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of St. Thomas.

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Kjersti Kittelson



Aviation is an integral part of both Kjersti’s personal and professional life. She visited Dayton Ohio’s Wright-Patterson National Air Force museum and Johnson Space Center in Houston during her childhood, which ignited her passion for flight. To share the joys of aviation, Kjersti is the Director and Founder of an annual Girls Aviation Day that supplies youth from the Twin Cities area free airplane rides and in-person information on various aerospace careers and opportunities.

Kjersti holds a Commercial Pilot certificate with Single and Multi-Engine Land, Single-Engine Sea and an instrument rating. Summer 2012 Kjersti earned her single-engine seaplane rating, citing “that’s where the real flying is at”! Kjersti is a single and multi enine flight instructor.  Kjersti is currently flying out of the Airlake Airport (KLVN) in Lakeville, MN.

Kjersti has experienced a wide variety of students since earning her flight instructor certificate in 2003. She enjoys the differing personalities she encounters while teaching people how to fly or guiding them through advanced ratings. She likes to focus on aviation safety and practicality, either for those on the professional pilot track or those wanting to fly for business or pleasure.

Kjersti earned her undergraduate degree in Commercial Aviation from the University of North Dakota and her Master’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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